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Lid IDs

COBRA Key Management System
Product ID: CP-COBRA Series

Cobra Advantages:

Lightweight : The Cobra Key Systems wall boards are built from
textured powder coated aluminum making them easy to mount,
inexpensive to ship, and easy to maintain.

Organized : The Cobra Key Systems are well organized with
offsetting rows that allows for the keys and the ID tags to hang
evenly which makes it easy to read the ID tags.

Easy to use : The Cobra Key Systems come ready to use. Simply
put keys with an ID tag and snap into the preinstalled key holder

High reliability : The Cobra key locks have gone through
extensive testing and through numerous quality control tests

Simple and effective : A user simply inserts their numbered key
into the Cobra key lock which releases a set of keys. Returning
the keys to the Cobra Key lock then releases the users numbered
key. A master key lets a manager to move keys quickly &efficiently

Easily adaptable : The Cobra Key Systems has eight different
colors of key holders and twelve different colors of keys that are
numbered to what you need.

Cost effective

Enhances the management and protection of assets

Improves efficiency

CP-COBRA10 - Holds 10 Keys - Includes 15 Key Holders - 5 User Keys - 1 Master Key - 10 ID Tags - Manual.........$ 150
CP-COBRA20 - Holds 20 Keys - Includes 30 Key Holders - 5 User Keys - 1 Master Key - 20 ID Tags - Manual.........$ 250
CP-COBRA30 - Holds 30 Keys - Includes 45 Key Holders - 5 User Keys - 1 Master Key - 30 ID Tags - Manual.........$ 350
CP-COBRA50 - Holds 50 Keys - Includes 75 Key Holders - 10 User Keys - 1 Master Key - 50 ID Tags - Manual.......$ 495
CP-COBRA100 - Holds 100 Keys - Includes 150 Key Holders - 20 User Keys - 1 Master Key - 100 ID Tags - Manual.....$ 795
CP-COBRA160 - Holds 160 Keys - Includes 250 Key Holders - 35 User Keys - 1 Master Key - 160 ID Tags - Manual.....$ 1265

Extra Parts
CP-COBRA-XUK - Extra User Keys.....$ 2.39 each
CP-COBRA-XMK - Extra Master Keys......$ 4.95 each
CP-COBRA-KH - Extra Keyholders........ .29 each

   Volume Pricing not available  
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